Anyone wishing to purchase any of these publications should
email Baildon Walkers are Welcome.


Welcome to Baildon

A book of photographs of the delights to be found in and around Baildon, published in 2018.  The photos in this book were all taken by local photographer Peter Kerr.

The book is ideal as a gift for people who are away from Baildon, or to inspire local residents to take a walk to visit some of the treasures in our immediate surroundings.

Price £5.

Baildon FootNav: How to walk from here to there

New publication. October 2020.  This book puts Baildon at the centre of our local world and offers descriptions and maps for ways to walk to 11 neighbouring towns and villages.

This book will appeal to anyone who would like to leave the car at home and walk to local destinations for business or pleasure.

Price £5.

Four self-guided walks in and around Baildon

This booklet was published by Baildon Walkers are Welcome in 2015. It contains walk descriptions and maps for:

  • Baildon Hill Circuit (2m)
  • Grand circuit of Baildon Moor and Shipley Glen (6m)
  • Ladderbanks Lane, Esholt and River Aire Circuit (5m)
  • Baildon to Ilkley (8m)

It’s a bargain at just £2.

The Welcome Way

This is a 28 mile walk connecting the communities of Otley, Burley-in-Wharfedale and Baildon, with an extra loop of 9 miles to Bingley.

Baildon Walkers are Welcome members have worked closely with representatives from our three fellow local Walkers are Welcome towns to create this walk. The route is made up of three continuous sections of 11, 10, and 7 miles, each with its own distinct character, passing through varied and outstanding areas of natural beauty, and with easy public transport connections to get you back to where you started from.

The Welcome Way was launched on Saturday 25 June 2016 and books can be purchased for £5.99.

Baildon Heritage Walks

Baildon Town Council commissioned a series of walks designed to celebrate the history and character of Baildon.

They were produced by Baildon Local History Society, and you can either purchase a booklet from Baildon Library or view and download them all free of charge either by visiting our downloadable walks page or the website of Baildon Town Council.